Romana Skotzen April`21 Female Athlete Of The Month


Our April Female Athlete of The Month is current Figure British champion Romana Skotzen

Little bit about yourself:

Hmmm so I have been a Paramedic for the last 17 years.
I lived and worked in London for 14 of those years before moving back down to the West Country. I have a 4 legged shadow called Ruby who is the best. 

How did you get into fitness scene:

I have always done something, Swimming, Athletics and Hockey as a kid and ran 100 meters in school.
Dad took me to the gym as soon as he could at age 14.
Had a brief break from fitness for 3 years at uni.
Then spent my late 20’s and early 30’s being mediocre at CrossFit till I was introduced to bodybuilding at 33. 

How do you managed to stay in shape during lockdown?

During the first lockdown I had access to a very basic gym through work luckily.
This most recent lockdown I had access to U7 after seeking permission from Devon Police.
Their support has been amazing through this lockdown. 

What are your goals?:

Short term goal is to place at a pro show. Ultimately I am aiming for the Olympia!!!

Most Notable Achievement?

Winning my pro card despite Covid. 

GYM:U7 in Exeter, but South Coast Powerhouse, Bournemouth will always be my home gym 
TRAINING SINCE:Bodybuilding since June 2018. A crazy Canadian (Shout out to Britt 💙) and an unfortunate avocado accident meant I jumped on a 12 week prep.
COMPETING SINCE:September 2018

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