PCA British Finals and Expo taking place over the weekend of 15/16th of October 2022 in Telford International Centre.

First day consisted of Physique and Bikini classes, each finished with the Pro competition.

Men’s Physique Pro Winner Joshua Atease

PCA Pro British Physique Champion Joshua Atease

Bikini Pro:

  1. Claire Murphy
  2. Jess Garrington
  3. Samantha Yesilirmak

Am Men’s Physique winners:

Junior – Liam Packham

Masters – Short Ryan Murray

Masters Tall – Tomasz Anderson

Short – Andrzej Tomalski

Medium – Michael Griffiths

Tall – Dylan Guthrie

Amateur overall winner Michael Griffiths

Michael Griffiths

Am Bikini winners:

Bikini Wellness – Sam Hutchinson

Junior – Jasmine Tofts-Benett

Masters Short – Suzy Shorrock

Masters Tall – Samantha Yesilirmak

Class 4 – Yui Saisuk

Class 3 – Toni Leaker

Class 2 :

  1. Leanne Wray
  2. Grace Guest
  3. Katy H
  4. Kimberley Savory
  5. Lydia
  6. Angeleah Torrin-Savy

Class 1 – Jessica Garrington

Trained Short – Hollie Rose Mcculloch

Trained Tall – Emily Cowburn

Amateur overall winner Jessica Garrington

On a second day we had Bodybuilding and Figure classed again at the end each had its Pro competition.

Bodybuilding Pro:

  1. Krystian Kochmanski
  2. Alex Lord
  3. Tomas Szabo

Also top 5 Regino Barrios and Nick Whitehouse

Figure Pro:

  1. Hannah Bawden
  2. Geordie Cooper
  3. Holly Welch
Hannah Bawden

Am Bodybuilding winners:

Junior – Nathanael Aasmaa
2nd Kaya Yusuf

First Timers – Matt Griggs

Novice – Matt Armstrong
2nd Ryan Conway

Masters o40 – Wayne Downey

Masters o50 – Daz Cooper

Short Classic Bodybuilding – James Melville

Medium Classic Bodybuilding – Theo Scorer

Tall Classic Bodybuilding – Sam Hanley

Short Bodybuilding – John Kennedy

Medium Bodybuilding –

  1. Alex Lord
  2. Jeremy Wray
  3. Marcel Vormawah
  4. Rory Odonnell
  5. Drew Walker
  6. Daniel Jay Smith Jnr

Tall Bodybuilding –

  1. Nick Whitehouse
  2. Matthew Reynolds
  3. Charlie London

Mixed disability – Jordan Dodd

Amateur overall winner Alex Lord

Am Figure winners:

Toned Short – Mel Wray

Toned Tall – Jade Wightman

Athletic Short – Holly Welch

Athletic Tall – Hannah Bawden

Trained – Phoebe Black

PCA show calendar consisted of 30 qualifiers of which all been top quality , there are still four UK shows left in 2022 including Mr&Mrs Ireland at where you will be able to find me next.


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