Arnold Classic Europe 2021 Mens Bodybuilding Results


Quick look at IFBB World Cup and Arnold Classic Europe two shows run together last weekend in Spain with total awards worth of $ 80,000.

Arnold Classic Europe 2021 – Bodybuilding open

In men’s bodybuilding, there was a slightly less competitors than last year. However, this is related to fact that in the last year of the European “Arnold” there was no lighter heavyweight class (which is now under 95kg). That meant that David Henderson finally had a chance to get on stage in his actual weight class rather then open.
So this time the athletes were divided into two categories depending on their weight. To no surprises main battle went between Michal Krizanek and Mika Sihvonen. Yet again it was Slovakian Elite pro who won with his Finnish opponent, Mika so far beat Michal only once at the 2019 Professional World Championships.

PlaceNameCountryMoney awards:
1.Michal KrižánekSlovakia10.000 $
2.Mika SihvonenFinland5.000 $
3.Aleksei KuznetsovRussia2.500 $
4.Mateusz ZagórowskiPoland1.500 $
5.Volodymyr ByrukUkraine1.000 $
6.Carlos BlancoSpain
7.Tomáš KašparCzech Republic
8.Martin DrábCzech Republic
9.Pavel KoukalCzech Republic

You can find an full photo gallery from Arnold Classic Europe 2021 here
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Arnold Classic Europe 2021 – Under 95kg

Call outs:
1.Fernandez, Koritensky , Esteves, Cermak , Henderson
2.Gutierrez, Mignino, Remizov, Laventure, Cagnard

The weight limit of light heavy weights class for IFBB Elite professionals has been raised this year from 90 to 95 kg although this category probably has not been included once last year! Ten bodybuilders shown interest in this category and received invites amongst them David Henderson who weighted 83kg at registration. Worth mention that James Watts could have competed at this show if not the fact that he did several amateur shows in other federation early this year.

Most of these guys members never stood against each other, so it was hard too consider how will the competition with perhaps only expectation that Vojtěch Koritenský would fight for the top positions, as last year got three medals in the open category.

Men’s bodybuilding medalists up to 95 kg at Arnold Classic Europe 2021 (photo: )
Arnold Classic Europe 2021 Champion in bodybuilding men up to 95 kg


Under 95Kg Results:
PlaceNameCountryMoney Awards
1.Jiří ČermákCzech Republic10.000 $ * unconfirmed
2.Vojtech KoritenskyCzech Republic5.000$ *
3.David HendersonGreat Britain2.500 $ *
4.Jorge FernandezSpain1.500 $*
5.Pedro EstevesPortugal1.000 $*
6.Spely LaventureHaiti
7.Miguel MigninoArgentina
8.Eric CagnardFrance
9.Vasyl RemizovUkraine
10.Alberto Machado GutiérrezSpain

You can find an extensive photo gallery from Arnold Classic Europe 2021
full of successful images from the lens of Igor Kopček and Jakub Csontos
on . 

Arnold Classic Europe 2021 – Classic Physique

1.Sergey SerechshevKazakhstan
2.Jakub KolinekCzech Republic
3.Adrian CyronekPoland
4.Aristide Mbomni TiamGermany
5.Deividas GuzysLithuania
6.Bernard PercivalAntigua and Barbuda
7.Lumir StefekCzech Republic
8.Tomo BertschmannSwitzerland
9.Leo ZovkoBosnia
10.Alexey SyurtukovRussia
11.Tamazi BochorishviliGeorgia
12.Williams GerardLuxembourg
13.Rodrigo CoelhoBrazil

You can find an extensive photo gallery from Arnold Classic Europe 2021
full of successful images from the lens of Igor Kopček and Jakub Csontos here
on . You can buy photos in higher quality here .


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