2022 Muscle Contest Ireland RESULTS


Muscle Contest 212 Pro Show

Muscle Contest Ireland 212 Pro and Pro Qualifier finally has returned to Limerick after two years absence in Ifbb Pro calendar.
Competition took place on Sunday, May 15 unfortunately on the same time there was other 212 Pro show held in States – INDY PRO resulted in having only four professionals on stage (along with the still slights uncertainty among the Pros since that show was previously being postponed/cancelled 3 times some other chose skipping this one and prepping for Portugal). 

Muscle Contest Ireland 212 Pro, Pasquale D´Angelo, David Henry, Robert Taylor, Giuseppe Zagarella
Pasquale D´Angelo, David Henry, Robert Taylor, Giuseppe Zagarella

The competing pros were Robert Taylor, David Henry as well as Italians Pasquale D’Angelo and Giuseppe Zagarella. Fairly quickly Rob and David got separated as two fighting for a top spot. David Henry, in his prime would have been consider straight winner, but now forty-five year old has the best year behind him, on other hand we had thirty five year old Rob who had a go at the two Open shows last year in Spain and Italy but decided to drop down to 212`s and do the show he initially considered as Pro Debut in 2020. Robert brought granite condition and was successful in the eyes of the judges against former Mr Olympia.

  • 1070255 1
  • 1070062
  • 1070069
  • 1070079
  • 1652726585818
  • 1652726585825
  • 1652726585832
  • Pasquale D'Angelo, David Henry, Robert Taylor and Giuseppe Zagarella
  • 1070035
  • 1070045
  • 1070054
  • 1070055
  • 1070058
  • 1070066
  • 1070169

The Italians Pasquale D’Angelo and Giuseppe Zagarella were left fighting for third place. Better was Pasquale, last year eleventh at the Olympia 2021 he surpassed team Romano colleague Giuseppe, who previously competed successfully in classical physique. 

Muscle Contest Ireland 212 Pro 2022 RESULTS:

  1. Robert Taylor $3000
  2. David Henry $2000
  3. Pasquale D’Angelo $1000
  4. Giuseppe Zagarella

Competitors qualified for 212 Olympia 2022 as of May 15:

NameCountry Qualified from
Derek LunsfordUSA212 Olympia 2021
Shaun ClaridaUSA212 Olympia 2020
Kamal ElgargniLibya212 Olympia 2019
Mohamed Khaled EmbabyEgyptKO Pro 2021
Ahmad AshkananiKuwaitEVLS Prague Pro 2021
Angel Calderón FriasSpainRomania Muscle Fest Pro 2021
Felipe MoraesBrazilMuscle Contest Brazil Pro 2021
Oleh KryvyiUkraineBig Man Weekend Pro 2021
Douglas ConnorUSAToronto Pro Supershow 2021
David HenryUSAOlympia 202 Showdown 2008
Anwar AlbalushiOmanKuwait Classic 2022
Ping Yun LongChinaThailand Pro 2022
Bryan BalzanoUSAIndy Pro 2022
Robert TaylorGreat BritainMuscle Contest Ireland Pro 2022

Point standing qualification ranking for 2022 as of May 15:

1.Nathan EplerUSA11
1.Nasser SayedKuwait11
3.Radoslav AngelovBulgaria9
3.Jafar Ghaffar NezhadIran9
5.Adolph QuoidaCanada8
6.Stephen DidoshakCanada6
6.Abdulrahman AlkhashtiKuwait6
6.Abdullah Al SaifSaudi Arabia6
9.Murat GönülCanada5
9.Pasquale D’AngeloItaly5
11.Ahmed WardanyEypt4
11.Peter BoncardoCanada4
11.Fabricio MoreiraBrazil4
11.Morteza MashayekhIran4
11.Mohammed AlzahmiUnited Arab Emirates4
11.Hamed Mahmoud EiniIran4
11.Noel Adame EiniMexico4
18.Mohamed SalahEgypt3
18.Peter KováčSlovakia3
18.Felipe FierroChile3
18.Lin Ching ChiehTaiwan3
18.Enmanuel RodriguezUSA3
23.Andre Luz Dos SantosBrazil2
23.Daniel SticcoItaly2
23.Saleh HusainKuwait2
23.Yumon EatonUSA2
23.Giuseppe ZagarellaItaly2
28.Wael Mohamed AminEgypt1
28.Christyan GomezHonduras1
28.Samir TroudiUnited Arab Emirates1
28.Mustafa NaseemEgypt1
28.Aziz Al MarshediKuwait1
28.Richard MorillaPhilippines1


Pro Qualifier offered 7 Pro card to be won but only 5 have been given due to smaller number of athletes then required in women`s physique and wellness.

MEN’S BODYBUILDINGGiovani Emeka OgbugoIreland
MEN’S PHYSIQUETunde HassanNigeria/Ireland
BIKINIJess FeenneyIreland


Light Heavyweight

Hector Defez


Giovani Emeka

Super Heavyweight

  1. Conna Fairbairn
  2. Tobias Hahne
  3. Jase

Overall on by Giovani Emeka

  • 1060932
  • P1060948
  • 1060933
  • 1060968
  • 1060965
  • P1060962
  • 1070024


Nagy Richard

Nagy Richard New Pro at Muscle Contest Ireland
2022 Muscle Contest Ireland RESULTS 43


Tunde Hassan

Tunde Hassan New Pro at Muscle Contest Ireland
2022 Muscle Contest Ireland RESULTS 44


Nikki Beattie (Unfortunately due to only 3 ladies no card was awarded)

Nikki Beattie wins womens physique class
2022 Muscle Contest Ireland RESULTS 45


Clare Barks

Clare Barks Figure new ifbb pro muscle contest ireland
2022 Muscle Contest Ireland RESULTS 46


Catia Moreira
(Same as in WPD no cards awarded in this category)

Catia Moreira  muscle contest ireland
2022 Muscle Contest Ireland RESULTS 47


Jess Feenney

Jess Feenney new bikini pro muscle contest ireland
2022 Muscle Contest Ireland RESULTS 48

Full official gallery and results HERE


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