2021 NPC Golden Champions Cup Poland RESULTS


2021 NPC Worldwide Golden Champions Cup PRO Qualifier (PQ)

Seventh NPC show in Poland took place 23rd – 24th October in Warsaw, were regionals “Polish cup” been held on Saturday and pro qualifier followed by pro show on Sunday. Previous can be found here.

Promotor Robert Piotrkowicz confirmed that it was another record breaking show in number of competitors that took on stage at NPC event in Poland.

Athletes have been judged by panel on international judges from Italy, Norway, Germany and USA.

The show date was set week after Fitparade event in Hungary which allowed many amateur athletes continue to chase their Pro card dream without major logistics since Warsaw is only 857.5 km from Budapest.

That said one of those dream came true for Laura Pyszora.

Women`s Bodybuilding

Laura Pyszora new Ifbb Pro in Women’s Bodybuilding

Laura who represented Poland but lives in UK, placed second, week before in Budapest at WPD this time she entered Women`s Bodybuilding and won Pro Card in open category out of five ladies.

All photos by Sylwester Szymczuk, courtesy of NPC/IFBB PRO Poland.

Mark Joyce 3rd in Super Heavies


In main category bodybuilding we had super heavy weight Mark Joyce fighting for pro card, Crayford weights & fitness regular came third to later overall winner former Elite Pro Volodymir Byruk and Maik Ciesla from Germany.

Saturdays regional overall winner Damian Kryszpin won biggest bodybuilding class of the day heavy weight but Ukrainian Byruk was unbeatable that day.

Overall from left: Krzysztof Dykty MW, Damian Kryszpin HW, Volodymir Byruk SHW and Overall winner, Marcin Kosel LW

Classic Physique

Wesley Grant
Wesley Grant

In classic we had surprising return of the British classic physique champion Piotr Jablonski from UKBFF days, think it was back in 2017, 2nd in 2018. Piotr came 3rd in class B

Also we had Wesley Grant in tallest class D who came 2nd.

Overall win and Pro Crard was awarder to class C winner Piotr Wojtowicz who later that day competed among pro athelets.

New Classics Physique Ifbb Pro Piotr Wojtowicz with show promoter Ifbb Pro Robert Piotrkowicz

Men’s Physique

Christoph Baumann Men`s Physique Class A and Overall winner with show sponsor team Biolab.


Dianora Dvarionaite won Pro Card in Wellness, 3rd place took Angelika Prejna(UK)


Dorota Ogonowska won overall in Figure ahead of Erika Torronen from Finland to become new Ifbb Pro.


Pro Card in biggest category of the day went to Aneta Szoltysek who in overall went against Class C winner Tara Ivri from Ireland.

Ukbff South Coast bikini champion was 4th in Class D

Bikini Overall from left Tara Ivri (IRL), Sonia Saterus, Aneta Szoltysek (overall winner), Alice Vastano.

Women’s Physique

Ethel Heredia Appa from Spain took Gold and Pro Card in Women`s Physique.

Below all of the results from Saturday regionals:






Below all of the results from Sunday pro qualifier:






Below all of the results from Sunday pro show:



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