Yvette Arthur July`20 FFAthlete


Meet 59 year old bodybuilder Yvette Arthur our Female Athlete of the Month July `20

Yvette`s bodybuilding story:

Started my bodybuilding journey in 2016, setting my main goal to become the Best in the World as a Natural Bodybuilder.
My previous fitness history prior was a long distance runner 10k to Marathons.
I had a number of successes over my running years both on an individual basis and as a team member.
I didn’t know really much about bodybuilding, but thought as I did weight training and strength and endurance for my running, I had a good starting point.
My first Competition was the Nabba were I placed 2nd in the Trained Figure class and invite to the British Finals but didn’t place.
I was advised by another athlete to try the Natural Federations, as I would do well in them being natural. It was then I realised that there was two different types.
So I got myself a Prep Coach and choice some natural shows.
My first Natural Show was the BNBF Qualifier.
I wasn’t really ready for it but just went along to test the waters and overcome stage fears.

I was so chilled as wasn’t expecting anything and was shocked when I won my class and was awarded best wheels (legs) this had never been awarded to a female before.
Later the same year I did the NPA – 1st place and the UKDBFA 1st place.
Went on to do the British Finals and placed 1st in all 3 Federations and was awarded 2 X Pro Status.
So went to America for the world championships and placed 3rd as a Pro in Miami (DFAC) and 5th in Los Angeles (WNBF)
2017 took 1st place in the UK International Pro Championship and also 2018 and 2019
2017 – 4th WNBF; 2018 – 3rd and 2019 – 1st Place – my goal finally achieved in 4 years.
I’ve also done some tested qualifiers and always took 1st place but never placed at the British Finals.
I’m now having a year out to grow and go for the World Championship hoping to be bigger and better 😊

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