Tayla Hunter November `19 FFAthlete

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On a journey to find the best possible version of myself! ~by Tayla herself.

Previously a Crossfit competitor, now turned Bodybuilding competitor.

2019 has been my 1st season of competing. I started off as a Toned Bikini Competitor, then transitioned into Trained Bikini then finished off as Athletic Figure

I’ve done 6 shows and within that I’ve had the following..

3x Federations

5x Placings

3x 1st Places

2x 3rd Places

1x Invite to Worlds


Won Bikini Toned Class at Scottish with an invite to British. At British I was then moved up TWO categories. Skipped Toned Figure & straight into Athletic Figure on the British Final Stage. Feedback was my condition was too crazy to be in any other category. I never placed in the British, but felt honoured to be moved from Bikini Toned to Athletic Figure. 


Entered Scottish as a Toned Bikini athlete and got moved up category into Trained Bikini, came 1st & got invite to British, where I placed 3rd and got invite to Worlds. 


Dipped my toe in the Figure category following result at nabba British. I entered as a toned figure athlete to get some feedback in regards to how I suit the category. I ended up getting moved from Toned Figure into Athletic Figure again, and won the class with a British finals invite. I then placed 3rd in Athletic Figure at the British show for UKUP.

Been a whirlwind of a first season starting off as a Bikini Toned girl, finishing it off as Top 3 in Britain as Athletic Figure and in between getting an invite to worlds for Trained Bikini after also placing 3rd in Britain for that category. Total whirlwind but I’m still on my quest to find my best version!!!!

Update in May 2020 WORLDS pending!!!!!

To be continued…

Last Updated: 02/12/2019


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