The 2023 2 Bros Pro Events Kingdom Classic has come to a close, and the results are in. This year’s event was a truly interesting showcase of some the best in amateur bodybuilding from all over the UK competing for the title of the Kingdom Classic champion. In this article, we will take a closer look at the winners and the most impressive performances of the 2023 Kingdom Classic.


In the bodybuilding category, the winner of the overall competition was Carl Philbrick. Carl last year 3rd place finisher of the heavyweight category has put on a 5kg of extra muscle since the last year, wowing the judges with his size, definition, and symmetry. He surpassed last year winner – Reece McDonald. Reece went up a category and step on stage in most interesting busiest class of the day the Super Heavies and that class ahead of such great names as Jamie Harrison, Josh Law, Ryan Mackins and Jim Georgiou. Light Heavies went the man who`s probably the best LHW amateur in the country right now Jordan Gomes.

Carl left this year, right last year.
From left Reece, Jordan and Carl


In the classic physique category, the overall winner was Brandon Hinton. Coming in overall was also Alex Davies and winner of biggest class class in classic Corey Fieldhouse (Corey recently came very close to achieving Pro status at Arnold Amateur in Ohio).


In the men’s physique category, the overall winner was yet again Timothy Menyah from Team LRF. Tim won overall last year as well and he did came ahead of very strong line up in overall this yaar such as Sheridan Taylor, Ben Fok, Alex Freshwater, Ahmad Rabus and Samson Rabus.


In the women’s categories, there were several standout performers. In the figure category, the overall winner was Amy Meredith. In the bikini category, the overall winner was yet again last year winner Becky West. In the wellness category, the overall winner was Natalie Moncrieffe, who wowed the judges with her incredible curves, proportions, and overall aesthetics. Alex Kokkonen who moved back last year to Australia took Womens Physique and Bodybuilding


Overall, the 2023 2 Bros Pro Events Kingdom Classic was a great season opener giving as a teaser of what we can expect at Ben Weider on April 8th and other Pro Qualifiers.

Link to the last year article HERE.

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