NPC / IFBB PRO European Results.

Names of British and Irish athletes competing in Spain.


Astonishing 19 athlete from UK and Ireland took on stage to compete at the Pro Show and many more between Thursday and Saturday at Npc Pro qualifier.

James and Rhea managed to win their categories, Phoebe got 4th in Bikini which means she missed Olympia invite by only on spot.

Below you can find results:

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. James Hollingshead
2. Lukas Osladil
3. Rafael Brandao

4. Regan Grimes
5. Samson Dauda
6. Andrea Muzi
7. Marc Hector 
8. Jan Turek
9. Jamie Christan
10. Milan Sadek
14. Kuba Cielen

2020europapro scorecardMBB
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 12

Men’s 212 Results

1. Angel Calderon
2. Oley Kryvyi 
3. Vlad Chiarac

4. D’angelo Pascal
5. Steve Benthin
6. Barek Gabor
7. Zoran Kolevski
8. Jamie Do Rego
9. Oliver Adzievski

2020europapro scorecard212
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 13

Men’s Classic Physique Results

1. Christian Zagarella
2. Maxime Yedess
3. Mike Sommerfield

4. Pavel Szotkowski
5. Joffrey Vassaux
6. Radoslav Angelov
7. German Pastor
8. Kyrylo Khudalev
9. Neil Currey
10. David Matinez Campos
11. Shane Cullen
12. Jon Lofthouse
16. Kelvin Hinde

2020europapro scorecardCPv2
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 14

Bikini Pro Results

1. Adrianna Kaczmarek
2. Beatrice Biscia
3. Franscesca Stoikel

4. Phoebe Hagan
5. Stine Hansen
6. Elisabeth Perez
7. Priscila Leimbacher
8. Vanessa De Frfitas
9. Allison Testu
10. Ivanna Scandar Fernandez
12. Jade Kelsie Wolfenden
16. Sarah Law
16. Kerry Sexton

2020europapro scorecardBIK
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 15

Women’s Bodybuilding Results

1. Margita Zamalova
2. Alena Hatvani
3. Barbara Carita
4. Claudia Partenza
5. Virginia Sanchez
6. Anastasia Korableva
7. Cristina Arellano Goy
8. Clara Sella
9. Jeanette Johansson
10. Melina Perron

2020europapro scorecardWBBv2
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 16

Men’s Physique Results

1. Youcef Djoudi
2. Riccardo Croci
3. Dias Lubamba

4. Philippe Deglia
5. Ramses Rams
6. Andrea Miggiano
7. Joaquin Camps Angel
8. Marcel Treichler
9. Luca Biolo
10. Alessandro Cavagnola

2020europapro scorecardMP
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 17

Figure Pro Results

1. Rhea Gayle
2. Samantha Jerring
3. Brittany Campbell
4. Veroniva Gallego
5. Gabrela Linhartova
6. Bahar Ayra
7. Elena Rago
8. Jennifer Iritano
9. Hannah Prause
10. Rahel Cucchia
13. Jayne Tingle
15. Meg Silvester
16. Tecla Efosa Idahosa

2020europapro scorecardFIG
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 18

Women’s Physique Results

1. Anne Mohn
2. Barbara Menhaj
3. Modesta Halby
4. Ivana Dvorakova
5. Oana Marinescu
6. Lenka Ferencukova
7. Mirei Henriquez
8. Cristina Chatti
9. Lena Frenkel
10. Alejandra Chacon Velazquez

2020europapro scorecardWP
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 19

Fitness Results

1. Minna Pajaluhaiti 
2. Barbara Cadena 
3. Tara Plum
4. Kamara Graham
5. Stacey Boyce
6. Malitza Narachich

2020europapro scorecardFIT
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 20

Wellness Results

1. Angela Borges
2. Juliana Espeso
3. Casey Delong
4. Maria Paulette
5. Rosie Constantino

Please always refer to official websites for confirmed information.

With all the postponements of contests and travel restrictions in Europe, IFBB ProfessionalLeague President Jim Manion, Vice-President Tyler Manion and International Director Robin Chang along with co-promoters Gian Enrico Pica and Emilio Martinez decided to give additional Olympia Qualifications as follows:

Top 3 Qualify In:
Men’s Open Bodybuilding
Men’s 212 Bodybuilding
Classic Physique
Men’s Physique

Top 2 Qualify In:
Women’s Physique
Women’s Bodybuilding


Closes in winning his Pro Card were both Jamie Harrison and Jack Davies who won their classes and went to overalls but unfortunately didnt place top 3 to receive the Pro Cards this weekend. Mark Joyce from SHW division could have won Pro Card in my opinion if it wasnt for outstanding Jan Turek who took 1st place in their class, later the overall and competed at Pro stage placing 9th out of 19 guys on Sunday.

Jamie Harrison 1st Place in HW

Mark Joyce 2nd Place in SHW

Joe Ballinger outside top 5 in BB

Warren Booty outside top 5 in BB

Jimmy Tomkinson 4th Place in Classic 150

Eddie Chipp 4th Place in Classic

Phoebe Goodwin 4th Place in Bikini H 93

Ewelina Skorczyk Mularski 2nd in Bikini Novice and 3rd Bikini Open H

Jodi Delande 3rd Place in Bikini E 64

Danni Bosworth outside top 5 in Bikini

Paddy Sheil 4th Place in Men`s Physique IRL

Nissara Kirk ?

Yvonne Mc Garry 4th Place in Figure IRL

Serena Cabry Bikini IRL 26

Konnie Slyziut 3rd Place in Figure

Jessica Garrington outside top 5 in Bikini

Aivaras Kuraitis IRL outside top 5 in Classic

Dan Jumma 279 1st Place in Novice

Bianka Ilodiko 23 IRL ?

Toks Macaulay 4th Place in Womens Bodybuilding

Haider M 3rd Place in Men`s Physique

Jack Davies 1st Place in Men`s Physique

Nancy Jones 4th Place in Women`s Physique, 3rd Place in Figure

Jess 2nd Place in Bikini D IRL

2020europapro 1200x520
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 21
NPC European Championships 2020 – New Pro`s
Valentin GuillouxFranceMen`s Physique
Luis CornielDominican republicMen`s Physique
Marcel TreichlerSwitzerlandMen`s Physique
Raluca RaducuRomaniaWomen`s Bodybuilding
Barbara MénageFranceWomen`s Physique
Helle LarsenDenmarkWomen`s Physique
Juliana EstesoBrazilWellness
Angela BorgessBrazilWellness
Claretta ZanettinItalyFigure
Samantha JerringSwedenFigure
Allison TestuPortugalBikini
Chloé MargraitnerSwitzerlandBikini
Ivanna EscandarSpainBikini
German PastorSpainClassic Physique
Luis GarciaSpainClassic Physique
Jeffrey VassauxFranceClassic Physique
Jan TurekCzech RepublicBodybuilding
Gábor BerekHungaryBodybuilding
Andreas ChristouCyprusBodybuilding
2020europeanchampionships 1200x520 20procards 1068x463 1
NPC / IFBB PRO European Results. 22



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