RESULTS: NPC 2 Bros British Finals 2021


2021 is the third year running of the British bodybuilding finals run by NPC 2 Bros Pro events.

Show organized in usual spot the Brunswick Leisure Center in Maidenhead outside London. Some results were as expected other could be considered shocking, unfortunately there was no live stream from this event so I unable to comment on these in any way.

The numbers weren’t as great as last year since a lot of the athletes hold off their Pro Qualifier attempts for the Arnold Classic UK in October plus last year had had an exception and allowed international athletes to join in due to lack of shows in europe.

2 Bros announced recently expansion of shows to 19 in the whole for the year 2022 from only 4 back in the 2018.

Some of the winners apart from title and Pro Card received also invitation to the mentioned Arnold Classic.


Competition started with bodybuilding class and here we had a big surprise in overall but first the results from all classes.


Connor MK Classic champion won ahead of last year British champion Stephen.

  1. Connor Redchen
  2. Stephen Chandiwana (last year 1st)
  3. Bartosz Brzezinski
  4. Jeffery Williams (last year 3rd)

Light heavy weight:

This class statistically could have gone either way with the most experienced James Watts probably being a favorite considering number of wins he had this season across different federations (unbeaten till now in his weight or height classes this year). But it was Ross who btw came back down to LHW again who won over the judges. (Ross won Heavies at Ben Weider in May)

  1. Ross Kerr (This year he got 2nd,2nd in LHW and 1st in HW)
  2. Damian Wanatowski (MK Classic Overall back in Nov 2020)
  3. James Watts (This year 1st in LHW, Overall and Class win at PCA )
  4. Joe Cross (2nd and Overall at PCA)

Heavy Weights:

I`d say there was no surprises at the top spot in this class after winning most recent La Famillia overall Jonny was a favorite here.

  1. Jonny McKenna
  2. Shane
  3. Rikky Varney (2nd last year at HW British, 2nd and 3rd 5th competition this season for Rikky)
  4. Adam Edwards

Super Heavies:

Here we had a big surprise Marian Sramko who placed 6th last year won ahead of last year winner Conna Fairbairn he also beat the likes of Josh Maley to whom he came second at most recent La Familia championship.

  1. Marian Sramko
  2. Conna Fairbairn ( Last year 1st place)
  3. Joe Ballinger
  4. Josh Maley
  5. Aleks Dinev

Overall went to the dark horse of the event Marian Sramko.


Overall and pro card went to class C winner Eddie Chipp who not that ago came close at Empro Pro Qualifier.

Eddie won ahead of the other class winners:

  • Hamzah Bondary (Class A)
  • Jonny Goodall
  • Marco DaSquatto


In last of the gents categories victorious was Jack Davies, after not very successful trip to Spain early July, La Famillia classic winner came back to UK and grabbet the British Tittle and Arnold Classic UK invite.

Some of the other class winner I was able to find:

  • Kassidy Chaplin
  • Shannon Davies
  • Abdul Wahabb
  • Missing one more name sorry??


Unfortunately it would appear that yet again we had only one athlete in category on the winner went to FRANCES AMIES-WINTER


With no disrespect to any of the other competitors the Overall win and Pro Card went to outstanding Sara Bradley.

Other class winners:

  • Kitti Kiss
  • Alexandra Karagianis


Number of very good athletes stepped on stage in this category but overall Sophie Jenkins looked very conditioned in her pre show photos.

Other class winners:

  • Gemma Mac Millan
  • Karolina
  • ???


In this category, noticed two familiar names Figen Sahin first British NPC wellness champion and Sophie Brewster who won La Familia championship and recently won her class at Empro in Spain. But it was Hayley Overall who surpassed the competition to overall win ( she came second at last show to Sophie )


One name came to my mind before this competition started and its Liz Richardson former Elite Pro, Ifbb Pro and Wbff Pro.
So why is she have to compete for Pro Card you may ask, well she took part in WBFF virtual competition last year when we were in lockdown which she won, this voided her Pro League status. Liz won her Class G but it was Becky Dean Class H and La Famillia champion who grabber the British title in biggest overall line up in entire competition.

Other class winner:

  • Hayley Simpson
  • Mezz Evans
  • Dominika Blonska
  • Lowri Beth
  • Danielle

For official gallery please go onto NPC Online HERE.



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