Morgan Aste the French Monster AKA The Big Rock


Morgan Aste a French bodybuilder/strongman from early age involve in sports judo, boxing, kick boxing.

First began weight training home at 16-years-old under his father – an amateur bodybuilder. At the age 20 he entered his first bodybuilding competition in junior category.In 2003 he moved to public gym where in met and began training with Rene Meme, the founder of MACS 7 training method.


“I noticed I had better physical abilities than the other boys, and I was constantly asked if I was lifting weights, so I started lifting when I was 16 years old,” says Aste. “My strength gains were spectacular, and when I was 20 years old I competed in my first bodybuilding contest to see how I was doing compared with the other guys.”


Morgan loves the MACS 7 method, explaining to Flex Online, “MACS7 is based on the interaction between various modes of muscular contractions and different training techniques. It allows for short muscle building sessions without overloading the skeletal system.”

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Morgan Aste is one of the biggest bodybuilders history with size comparable to Greg Kovacs.

He comes in at a towering 6’ 3” tall, and to top that off, he hovers around 350 lbs. during the off season, and his guns measure a whopping 24.4”!

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Thought The Big Rock had been competing internationally for some time, he took to competing in America a few years back. His ultimate goal is as many bodybuilders to earn pro card.

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Morgan Aste is one of the few bodybuilders who participates in both bodybuilding and strongman events.

He wanted to challenge the notion that bodybuilders aren’t strong, and strongmen can’t compete against bodybuilding.

He has won the title of strongest man in France twice, in 2010 and again in 2013.

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After competing in strongman events through his 20s, Aste has decided to come back to the pro bodybuilding stage. With size and mass to match Big Ramy, will Aste become the biggest bodybuilder in history? Only time will tell how this beast of a man will fair against the best in the sport.

Strongman titles:
2010 France Championship
2013 France Championship
2013 Grand Prix du Forez (France)
2013 Grand Prix de Provence (France)
2013 Grand Prix des Pyrenees (France)

Bodybuilding titles:
2004 France Bodybuilding Juniorów Cat.– 2nd Place
2005 Grand Prix Slovakia – 4th
2006 France Championship, Over 100 kg – 2nd
2006 Weider Grand Prix – 5th
2008 EBBF 100 kg – 9th
2010 Grand Prix Slovakia – 2nd
2011 IFBB Amateur World Championship, Over 100 kg – 14th
2014 IFBB France Championship – 1st Over 100 kg + overall
2015 NPC Fit World – 1st Over 100 kg + overall
2017 IFBB Diamond Cup Fujairah – 1st Over 95 kg



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