Leah Hollingworth December`21 Athlete Of The Month


Our December athlete of the month is 49 year old Leah Hollingworth from Australia.

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Little bit about yourself:

I’m a trainer/coach and nutritionist, have competed in the IFBB and NABBA as a figure competitor.

Love interacting with my clients share my knowledge and bring out the absolute best version of themselves so being one on one trainer is my happy place.

I have clients from the elite athletes ,bodybuilders so I cover competition prep and also posing for beginners.
Having a diverse range of clients and being a massive part of their journey also brings so much to my life and my own journey as
there is so much to learn from one another.

How did you get into fitness scene:

I got into fitness as a part time instructor while I was still at school.
All cardio believe it or not, then I hit the weight room and never looked back.
That’s where the magic began, my transformation and passion for this sport.
Cardio for me now is only in very small doses and only around competition time, I’m all for building and preserving ever ounce of muscle I have.

I have always trained on my own up until the last 2 years where I started to train with my partner which has actually kicked along my strength phase having someone to push me along and spot through the later phases where I would have struggled.
Having people in your corner that really want to see you do well, always have your back, enjoy your successes and help bounce your low days off is massive to your training schedule.
I think you need to have people around you that understand what you do and why you are so passionate about what you do.

What are your goals?:

My goals from here is to put some more size on and move from a figure to physique whilst still remaining feminine – it`s a big one for me.
The plan is to hit the Australian stage October next year and depending on travel, I’ll do an international show Olympia week ,a UK show and a Dubai classic, these are all on my future goals list.
I live and breath the fitness industry and my bodybuilding world so I’m blessed to have the best people around me that inspire me and support me to be my very best.

GYM:Empire Fitness Centre /World Gym

You can follow Leah on Instagram:


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