Lauren Hunt February`21 Athlete Of The Month


Our February athlete of the month is 23 year old Lauren Hunt, British junior bikini champion.

Little bit about yourself:

I am a UK south based Chiropractor with 6 years worth of self employed physical therapy experience with my business LMH Optimal Therapy.

How did you get into fitness scene:

I have always had a huge passion for musculoskeletal biomechanics and have been a passionate health and fitness enthusiast since the age of 16 leading me into the bodybuilding industry.

Goals for the next 5 years:

– To step on an international stage to make my pro debut
– To become a Chiropractor for professional body builders
– Provide a successful online posing and biomechanics assessment platform for competitors

Most Notable Achievement:

Winning my pro card at the British finals 2021

COACH:Lewy Blackmore

You can follow Lauren on Instagram:

Lauren in running an online posing and biomechanics platform called LMH Optimal Posing.

LMH Optimal Posing was created with the aim to help competitors identify musculoskeletal imbalances within their posing to ensure that biomechanics do not hinder overall performance and stage presence.

I strive to maximize your quality of posing, achieve your competitive goals and educate you on how to perform optimally on stage.

Please contact me on my Instagram @laurenmariahunt

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