King`s Kamali comeback!?


Shahriar “King” Kamali

kamaliinterview h 200x300 - King`s Kamali comeback!?

If you are the pro bodybuilding fan of the 00`s then sure you must know the name  

He has been an IFBB Pro sience 2000`s after winning 1999 NPC Nationals which graded him a pro card. He was one of the huge guys under the Chad Nicholls who mantained over 300lb off season (140kg). Retired in 2008 from professional bodybuilding.

May not have been the most successful, but sure he was one of the most entertaining posers in history along with Melvin Anthony.

Above his memorable battle with Craig Titus and below the famous Mr. Olimpia posing routine from 2002.


King has now prepared a comeback, not on stage unfortunately 🙁 which for the guy who claim to maintain high muscle mass 270/289lb born on 1972 could still make a stage comback along side other old time legends like Kevin, Flex, Darrem or Dexter :(.

Unfotunately hes will only apear pn social media via youtube ect., he had made several appearances aleady on MD and RX muscle.

Those who appreciate his no BS approach and honesty will enjoy his new channel.

page athlete king kamali 5 200x300 - King`s Kamali comeback!?

Competitive stats from WIKI: 

  • Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)
  • Contest Weight: 225 lb (102 kg)
  • Off-Season Weight: 310 lb (141kg)
  • Arms (contest):19 in (48.26 cm)
  • Waist (contest): 32 in (81.28 cm)
  • Chest: 52 in (132.08 cm)
  • Thighs: 30 in (76.2 cm)


  1. I really enjoyed watching the videos! I have never heard about King Kamali! Thanks to you, Adam, I know now who is King Kamali! I still can’t believe it that anybody can develop such muscles just through training! Am I wrong if I think that the bodybuilders have to take some “boosters” in order to develop such muscles?
    Wishing you all success you dream of!


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