(Un)Forgoten Physiques PART 1 Peter Reid


Peter Reid 1992 Nabba Pro Mr Universe, who previosly won amateur Universe in 1990, also later competed under IFBB.

Some of his contest history include:

  • 1986 Nabba Mr Britain 5th Class 2
  • 1986 Mr Universe (did not placed)
  • 1989 Nabba Mr Britain 2nd Class 2
  • 1998 Mr Universe 2nd in Class 2
  • 1990 Amateur Mr Universe Overal Winner
  • 1992 Pro Mr Universe Winner (beating Ed Kawak!)
  • 1994 English Grand Prix 10th
  • 1994 German Grand Prix (10th or 13th)
  • 1997 Pro Mr Universe 2nd behind Eddy Elwood


Peter stopped cometitive bodybuilding in 1997.

s l300 232x300 - (Un)Forgoten Physiques PART 1 Peter Reid
December 1990 Cover of Bodybuilding Monthly

Peter Reid 160x300 - (Un)Forgoten Physiques PART 1 Peter Reid











By day he was known as SGT Peteir Reid. Moved to UK in the age of 14 and become first black police officer in Oxford. Known to colleagues as collegues ‘Pete the Meat’.

15om03reid v03 153x300 - (Un)Forgoten Physiques PART 1 Peter Reid
2007 Acting Sergent Peter Reid recives long service award

Been a Police Officer was a childhood ambition of mine, growing up in Jamaica,when I left at the age of 14 years to come and reside in the UK and as I got older, I realised that my ambition of wanting to be on the right side of the law, helping others and locking up those who deserved to be locked up was still high on the agenda of career choice, I pursue my dream and eventually retired from the Police Service 2014 after 32 years service! My bodybuilding ‘career’ was my ‘hobby’ but a very serious one as I remembered seeing a pic of the current Mr Universe ( around 1982) on the front cover of a bodybuilding magazine and decided that I would become Mr Universe one day; I achieved my dream in 1990 when I won the Amateur Mr Universe (Medium Class and Overall, of which your post pic is from). I went on to win my Class at the Mr World in Australia later that year and 1992, I also won the Professional Mr Universe. Yes, I had a very demanding job and hobby but with dedication, determination, discipline, perseverance, consistency and hard work, you can achieved your goals/dreams/aspirations along the way! The important thing also, is to stay rooted and never become ‘big headed’; as I have witnessed with some along the way! 


“Unbelievable upper body, thick and round” – Giles Thomas







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