Enrika Tarutyte September `19 FFAthlete


Enrika Tarutyte our Female Athlete of The Month – September 2019

Enrika`s story so far:

Started competing in September 2017, did a few independent shows UKUP,
Rhino Classic (2nd) and Wabba Universe show.

In 2018 I have joined PCA, my first start with them was Norwich qualifier which gave me qualification for British finals, which again I won also placed 6th at Pca world championship that year.
My next organisation I competed at was 2Bros/NPC Amateur Olympia 2018 in October – placed 6th.
My last competition of 2018 was in Italian Wabba Hercules Olympia where I won Wabba pro card.
Beside that also won overall at independent South of England Classic.

This year I start with Pca`s Hull show, placed 1st at toned bikini and took overall title.
A week later competed at Bodypower where I placed 1st and won my Pca pro card.
Following day competed with Wabba Pro class – placed 2nd
And the most recent comp was in Finland – Pca`s Nordic open, and yet another win this time in Pro Class.

You can follow Enrika on:

Enrika T

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