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Women`s NPC British Finals 5th September

Have a virtual front-row-seat to the 2Bros Pro - Women's British Finals 2020, sponsored by Chemical Warfare. Link to Facebook PPV Livestream HERE. Schedule: 3PM - Bikini Beginners & Bikini Juniors4PM - Bikini Masters +35...

Live Stream | Shivlyakov vs. Hollands 430KG Masters Deadlift Attempt

Watch Live Terry Hollands 430KG Masters Deadlift Attempt Saturday June 27th, at 5 PM against Mikhail Shivlyakov from Russia for an attempt to break the Masters (Over 40 years of age) Deadlift...

Former Ms Olympia Dana Linn Bailey confess about her last years health issues.

Dana Linn Bailey in best known for achieving 2013 Ms. Olympia title in Physique category. In April 2019 she was hospitalized after overtraining herself during a workout and giving herself rhabdomyolysis (rhabdo) —...

800lb Bench Press World Record Attempt

Julian Maddox has attempt 800lbs (363kgs) Bench Press World Record he previously achieved 770lbs (350kgs) back in march at Arnold Sport Festival. He`s opening lift on a day was 722lbs (327kg) followed by...


2 Athletes from UK registered for European Championship. Ifbb started today - Saturday 20th June their European E-competition. Its probably to date the best organised online competition with proper Judging. All the athletes had...

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