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Barbara Kiss April`20 FFATHLETE

Achivements: May 2015 UKBFF London - first competition, no placing July 2015 UKBFF English Grand Prix Bodyfitness 1st place Champion May 2016 UKBFF London Bodyfitness 1st place June 2016 UKBFF Wesh Grand Prix Bodyfitness 1st place...

Samantha Galton March 2020 FFAthlete

Since finding a love for training, health and keeping fit I have seen positive changes in my body’s feel and appearance, which has given me extra confidence and a drive to achieve...

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RESULTS: 2 Bros Women`s British Finals 2020

It’s definitely great to see competition season restarted in 2020 as this year proven to be very hard for show promoters and athletes due...

RESULTS: Men`s British Finals 2020 2Bros / Npc

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NPC / IFBB PRO European Results.

Astonishing 19 athlete from UK and Ireland took on stage to compete at the Pro Show and many more between Thursday and Saturday at...