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BOOK REVIEW “Muscle” by Jon Hotten

2004 "Muscle" written by Jon Hotten A little treasure found in Belfast used book store for only £1.5 about an decade ago.One of very few books...

BOOK REVIEW “Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger

In this book Arnie chronologically go over his live from hardship of childhood in post war Austria where he envisioned the American Dream. Discovery and journey into becoming an icon...

Dowe Ian – History card

European and World Champion who has been representing UK from 1970 all the way through to 2005 at Nabba, Wabba and IFBB international stages with great results.

Jones Kimberly Anne History Card

This was the first from the series I have started some time ago on Instagram about British Bodybuilding legends. Kimberly Anne Jones was a 1992 British...

Barbara Kiss April`20 FFATHLETE

Achivements: May 2015 UKBFF London - first competition, no placing July 2015 UKBFF English Grand Prix Bodyfitness 1st place...

My Fitness Journey by JoPro

My name is JoPro I started my journey in the fitness industry back in 1999 when I was in my late teens. It has all started with my love for...

Fuller Johnny History Card

Johnny Fuller Born in Jamaica, 1942, moved to England in 1978. He competed all over the world in the...

Samantha Galton March 2020 FFAthlete

Since finding a love for training, health and keeping fit I have seen positive changes in my body’s feel and appearance, which has given me extra confidence and a drive...

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