Bash Bros Podcast Episode 38 Ft Conna ‘The Real Deal’ Fairbairn

Bash Bros Podcast Episode 38 Ft Conna 'The Real Deal' FairbairnWe introduce Conna and we talk all things weird and wonderful as per usual. Don't expect too much serious chat of course...

Bash Bros Podcast Episode 37 Ft khifiewest DFAC Pro Chris McCreadie

Bash Bros Podcast Episode 37 with DFAC Pro Chris McCreadieWe welcome one of the uk's hottest property bodybuilders to talk all things - including the crossover to the dark side. don't forget...

OVERALL RESULTS 2 Bros Ben Weider UK 2021

Below please find some unofficial results taken from 10X Ben Weider Worldwide Classic 2 Bros Pro Events Npc Worldwide. (Taken phonetically form live stream) Bodybuilding: Beginners: 1st Mohammed Zaki Novice & Lightweight: 1st Stephen Kaiser Middleweight: 477 Light Heavy...

OVERALL RESULTS – 2 Bros Pro The Kingdom and Ryan Terry Classics RQ

On the weekend of April 17, 18 we saw the begging of the bodybuilding season in UK, not even week after first gyms were opened in England.   On the third rescheduled dates...

Bash Bros Podcast Episode 36 – Live reaction to torn pec video!

Bash Bros Podcast Episode 36  No guest in this episode, guys talk about reaction to torn pec video by one of the former Bash Bros team member Ryan Crowley

2021 NPC Worldwide International Poland Championships RESULTS

Polish Regional Qualifier NPC Worldwide Contests On 10-11th of April, Poland had it`s official start to this competitive season in Warsaw/Marki.Third edition of NPC Sports Festival organized by non other, but to date...

Romana Skotzen April`21 Female Athlete Of The Month

Our April Female Athlete of The Month is current Figure British champion Romana Skotzen Little bit about yourself: Hmmm so I have been a Paramedic for the last 17 years. I lived and...

Bash Bros Podcast Episode 35 with Neil Hill

Bash Bros Bodybuilding Podcast 2021 Episode 35 with Neil Hill