Have a virtual front-row-seat to the 2Bros Pro – Men’s British Finals 2020, sponsored by Chemical Warfare.

Link to Facebook PPV Livestream below:

Unfortunately we are unable to include the audio from the venue as this will go against copyright regulations. We will however have virtual audience audio and include visual “in-screen” captions highlighting what class is on and add the top 3 of each class in the comments section.

– Men’s Bodybuilding
3PM – 4PM – Beginners, Novice, Juniors & Masters
4PM – 5.30PM – Open Mens (Overall)

– Men’s Classic Physique
5.30PM – 7PM – Beginner, Novice, Open & Masters (Overall)

– Mens Physique
7PM – 8PM – Beginner, Novice, Junior & Masters
8PM – Open

Note: Times are subject to change

Once you have purchased access, you will be able to watch the live stream directly through Facebook using any device. Pay-per-view payments are processed by Facebook.

2Bros Pro: “This pay-per-view is to support British Bodybuilding and ensure that we can continue to provide athletes and fans access to such events in the current crisis and into 2021. UK Bodybuilding appreciates your support!”

Purchase Access $14.99

Live Stream Hosted by Pumped Media: “We are providing this show, and others with a facility to go ahead with a wider virtual audience for a Covid-Safe event. This live stream pay-per-view is facilitated entirely through Facebook Live platform. All payments are processed by Facebook, please refer to the Paid Live Event Terms and conditions at the point of purchase. You will continue to have access to the event after the live stream has completed for upto 48hrs.”


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