2021 Arnold Classic Ohio


The North American Arnold Classic, most prestigious bodybuilding event right after Mr. Olympia founded in 1989 by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer, has grown over the decades and is now widely known as the Arnold Sports Festival.
The Arnold Classic professional bodybuilding competition is still the cornerstone of the event, but under normal circumstances it represents only a fraction of the program.
Arnold Classic 2021 did not take place traditionally in March, but had been postponed until Saturday 25 September and was reduced to a minimum.

Arnold Classic 2021 – Men’s bodybuilding open

Traditionally, Arnold Classic is invitational event. Fourteen bodybuilders have been invited this year. But unfortunatelly four has dropped out. Cedric McMillan reportedly has not recovered enough to prepare for the competition after his fall from a bike last year, during which he broke several bones. William Bonac and Lionel Beyek had faced travel restriction, however Bonac confirmed he will be at Mr Olympia in a fortnight. Roelly Winklaar also dropped out of the competition.

This years competition is already part of a new qualification cycle in which the professionals are fighting for a qualification for the Olympia Weekend held in 2022. However, an exception was set especially for the Arnold Classic and the men’s bodybuilding. The winner was to qualify for this year’s Olympia, and the competitors in second to fifth place were then to enter the qualifying rankings for 2022 with points.

Duel between Steve Kuclo and Nick Walker in the prejudging of Arnold Classic 2021 (photo: Npcnewsonline.com / Amir Marandi)

Nick Walker, champion of Arnold Classic 2021 in men’s bodybuilding open (photo: Npcnewsonline.com/Amir Marandi)

Steve Kuclo at the announcement of results at the Arnold Classic 2021 (photo: Npcnewsonline.com/Amir Marandi)

The well-deserved victory at the Arnold Classic went to Nick Walker who btw only just over 12 month ago won a professional card at the NPC North American Championships 2020. Walker was awarded $ 130,000 for winning the main event, and won another $ 10,000 prize for being awarded “best most muscular” . Only the third place on this year’s Arnold Classic went to Steve Kuclo which was bit of the a shock as he was top 2 at the prejudging, wife of the 36-year-old Detroit native who was commentating the live stream couldn’t hide the shock. In both final rounds, he was surpassed by Iain Valliere.

Sergio Oliva Jr. awarded best poser at Arnold Classic 2021 (photo: Npcnewsonline.com / Amir Marandi)


1. Nick Walker ($130,000)
2. Iain Valliere ($75,000)
3. Steve Kuclo ($50,000)
4. Justin Rodriguez ($30,000)
5. Akim Williams ($15,000)
6. Sergio Oliva Jr. ($10,000)
7. Mokhamed El Emam ($2000)
8. Maxx Charles ($2000)
9. Hassan Mostafa ($2000)
10. Seung Chul Lee ($2000)

Men’s bodybuilding open at the Arnold Classic 2021

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Arnold Classic 2021 – Classic Physique

One of the four categories that the organizers included in the program this year was classic physique. In the six years since its introduction, the category has undergone a significant change. The weight limit for competitors has doubled and a number of high quality bodybuilders join the class. In the battle of aesthetics last year`s Olympia runner up Terrence Ruffin could be considered the favorite of the competition , but in this line it was not so clear.

Terrence underwent gynecomastia surgery on April 30, after which he had to give up training for five weeks. After that, he was hit hard by the death of his coach John Meadows, and at the beginning of September it looked like he couldn’t prepare well for the competition. However, with his new guru Hyacin Nassir Ruffin, has proved the impossible. He joined the Arnold Classic on Saturday in a form that was only a slightly behind him from last year, and his combination of balance, elegance and perfect posing, he was enough to win! On the way to his first triumph at the Arnold Schwarzenegger competition, Terrence also defeated last year’s champion Alejandro Cambroner, who finished second, and third Logan Franklin, who raced in perfect shape. It was Logan who the prize for the best-posing.


1. Terrence Ruffin
2. Alex Cambronero
3. Logan Franklin
4. Courage Opara
5. Bryan Jones
6. Fabian Mayr
7. Dani Younan
8. Peter Molnar
9. Tony Taveras
10. Jarek Crew

Classic physique at Arnold Classic 2021

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Fitness International 2021

Fitness class was part Columbus event since 1994. Only eight competitors competed this year when two-time Fitness Olympia champion Whitney Jones dropped out at the last minute due to positive COVID-19 test. Even so, we had two Olympia title holders in the starting list. The reigning queen Missy Truscott and Oksana Grishina, who ruled Olympia from 2014 to 2017. During this year’s Fitness International, Missy confirmed that she is the best fitness at present and won both rounds. The second place was taken by her supposed biggest rival Oksana.


1. Missy Truscott ($25,000)
2. Oksana Grishina ($13,000)
3. Ariel Khadr ($8000)
4. Jaclyn Baker
5. Aurika Tyrgale
6. Darrian Borrello
7. Minna Pajulahti
8. Sally Kendall-Williams

Women’s Fitness at Fitness International 2021

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Bikini International 2021

Despite the not very large number in the event in comparison to usual numbers at Bikini Pro shows, the line up was stacked. In the competition of two former Olympia champions Ashley Kaltwasser and Elisa Pecini, the Canadian Jennifer Dorie came for a valuable victory, who herself was within reach of the Olympia title last year . Lauralie Chapados squeezed in between the second Elisa and the fourth Ashley in the result list, Romina Basualdo closes the first five.


1. Jennier Dorie ($7,000)
2. Elisa Pecini ($4000)
3. Lauralie Chapados
4. Ashley Kaltwasser
5. Romina Basualdo
6. Breena Martinez
7. Jasmine Gonzlez
8. Jourdanne Lee
9. Gabriella Messias
10. Priscila Leimbacher

Women’s fitness bikinis at Bikini International 2021

You can find more photos of Bikini International 2021 at Npcnewsonline.com .


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