2019 PCA Irish Open Results


1st Ben Garnder

2nd Ciaran Cooley

First Timers:

1st Ferene Szentesi

2nd Matthew Young


1st Sam Smyth

2nd Jevegenijs Zurlia

3rd Eamon Doherty

Masters O/40s:

1st Marty Monaghan

2nd Sam Monaghan

Masters O/50s:

1st Derek Heaney

Ladies Junior Bikini:

1st Grace Mannion

2nd Danni Hill

3rd Sinead Keetley

4th Paid Donaghy

Bikini Toned Short:

1st Suzanne Markey

2nd Aoife Devine

3rd Emma McClean

Bikni Toned Tall:

1st Sean Jenjinson

2nd Jennifer Hallinan

3rd Lucia Soltisova

Bikini Masters O/35s:

1st Denise O Donovan

2nd Magdalena Barwinska

3rd Ewelina Klunowksa

Bikini Trained:

1st Diana Moise

2nd Selina Leyland

Men`s Physique Junior:

1st Paddy Shell

2nd Sintu Dewa

3rd Steven Long

Men`s Physique:

1st Jay West

2nd Danny Adeyemi

3rd Sean Taggart

4th Joelson Correira

Men`s Physique Masters:

1st John Hasson

2nd Steven Gillespie

3rd Steven Morrow

Muscle Model:

1st Matthew Mcullough

2nd Chaggie Ozoani

3rd Donates Jeremicius

Ladies Toned Figure:

1st Hayley Guiseley

2nd Evelyn Mckee

3rd Maria Cummings

Ladies Athletic Figure:

1st Elvina Vizbaraite

2nd Margaret Murphy

3rd Stephanie Dickey

Ladies Trained Figure:

1st Aneta Deviec

Men`s Class 3:

1st Jonathan Gillen

2nd Paul Adeniyi

3rd Eoin Vahey

Men`s Class 2:

1st Brian Ward

2nd Vinny McCormick

3rd Leighton Bolliener

4th Rafal Stolarczyk

Men`s Class 1 (all invited to Finals):

1st Adrian Olszewski

2nd Darius Martinkus

3rd Mindaugas Mikolaitis

4th Ryan McCoy

5th Jason Ross

Overall Winners:

Brian Ward

Hayley Guiseley



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