2019 Indy Pro


Despite being in the best ever condition in the past few weeks and placing 3rd at Arnold’s and  5th at Arnold’s Oz Luke Sandoe was a top contender to win INDY Pro ( show that he placed 3rd last year ).  Unfortunately both Steve Kuclo and Akim Williams came in really sharp and managed to place higher then Luke who mention he did not feel well in morning of the show . Hassan Mustafa from Egipt also had brilliant Pro Debut and managed 3rd.

Open Results:

  1. Steve Kuclo
  2. Akim Williams
  3. Hassan Mostafa
  4. Luke Sandoe
  5. Justin Luis Rodriguez
  6. Dorian Haywood
  7. Matt Kouba
  8. Camilo Andres Diaz Garzon
  9. Blair Mone
  10. Jhon Silvey

212 Results;

  1. Noel Adame
  2. Aaron Polites
  3. Enrico Hoffman
  4. Fahad Al Hazazi
  5. Errold Moore
  6. Dwayne Walker
  7. Charles Dixon
  8. Milton Martinez
  9. Arturo Cotto Resto
  10. Jason Lowe

Bikini Results:

  1. Eli Fernandez
  2. Hannah Ranfranz
  3. Jessica Palmer
  4. Breana Turner
  5. Sonia Lewis

Photos by MD more here.

2019indy2 1200x520 scorecardMBB 816x1024 816x1024 - 2019 Indy Pro
2019indy2 1200x520 scorecard212 800x1024 800x1024 - 2019 Indy Pro
2019indy2 1200x520 scorecardBIK 795x1024 795x1024 - 2019 Indy Pro

LUKE’s post show vid with must watch news!!!

@2brospro_events #britishgrandprix #itscominghome

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