Weight Gaining Tips for Hardgainers!

Tips for Hard Gainers

In this article I will provide you with 4 little known tips, that will force your body to gain weight, muscle mass to be more specific, even if you are a hard gainer!

If you are reading this article I can take for granted that you have tried many ways to gain weight, and have perhaps heard this type of suggestion:

“All you have to do is eat, eat and eat some more to gain weight…”
“Weight increase is just a matter of eating…”
“You just have to excess your metabolism to gain weight promptly…”
“You cannot build a house without the bricks and field gun for gaining weight…”

If you have be struggling to put on weight your whole life, you are not alone. Although you might be the desire of countless people who are jealous that you can eat as much as you like without getting fat, for you this is the biggest irony as gaining muscle requires you to be able to pack on mass.

People, prone to ‘skinniness’, are often referred to as “hard gainers”. Although I hate this label, there is a shred of truth in it. You have been blessed with a super speed metabolism. Unfortunately this means that you have to fight with every bone in your body to do something about it.

I am about to show you the 4 tips I used to beat my genetics and go from a 149 pound weakling to a rock hard 190 pounds.

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A different set of rules for us skinny guys.

“Taking advice from someone who naturally gains muscle weight easily is like taking money advice from someone who innate a fortune.”

No matter what people tell you, it is possible for skinny guys to build an impressive physique that turns heads, makes you more attractive to the opposite sex and even intimidates!

If you want to overload your metabolism for muscle growth and ensure you are never called a “hardgainer” or skinny again, just follow these 4 simple steps. Do not be surprised if you immediately start gaining, evening gaining an extra 10 pounds of muscle weight in the next 4 weeks.

Step 1: Double it up.


This advice is the most practical; the chances are that you are only a few meals short of filling out your skinny, underdeveloped body parts. If you currently eat 1 chicken breast per meal, then cook 2. If you are eating a handful of nuts then take 2 handfuls, if you are eating 2 slices of toast, double it to 4 slices and if you are using only 2 scoops of protein powder, increase it to 4 scoops. Simple.

Step 2: Make your world revolve around food!


  • Eat every 2 to 3 hours, get into a routine, use a stop watch and don’t stop the beeping until you are eating.
  • Make sure you eat your first meal 15 to 30 minutes of waking up. This first meal should consist of real food not shakes.
  • Be organized; prepare your meals in advance!

Step 3: Use BIG eating equipment.


Another simple method to start eating like Hulk is to use hulk size equipment. Get a BIG bowl, a BIG Cup, and a BIG plate. Not only can this help you fit more onto your plate, meals psychologically look smaller compared to the size of the plate. Most skinny/hardgainers are nothing more than under-eaters.

Step 4: Never Train on an empty stomach.

The suggestion is to aim for a minimum of at least three solid meals in your system prior to Working out. Most people tend to workout in the morning, before work, if this is the case you need to have the biggest meal of the day immediately after your AM workout.

If you follow the 4 simple steps discussed above and put them into practice you will give yourself the ability to gain at least another 10 pounds of solid weight in the next 4 weeks. Take up the challenge; don’t be called skinny or hardgainer anymore!


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