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We continually hear about the latest and “greatest” diet fads.  You know….the one that will make you lose a ton of weight quickly.  We live in a time when over sixty percent of the population is overweight, and that isn’t just with adults.  Obesity rates are higher than ever among children and teens.  As a result, we are reaping the consequences of a supersized mindset.  The foods I eat are as close to nature as possible and contain only ingredients that I am able to pronounce.  This information is just a simple comparison of several different diet plans and their pro’s and con’s.  I whole-heartedly encourage and embrace a clean eating lifestyle and firmly believe that is the “secret” to a healthy weight.

The nation is starved for successful weight loss programs, and the weight loss industry knows this and that is why there are so many different weight loss programs that promise to help people lose weight and get into shape.  Many of these programs do work and others do not work so well.   Some of the programs work faster than others making them a popular choice, while others work slow and steady.  There are advantages and disadvantages to the various weight loss programs and they all compare differently.  The important thing to remember though, is that that the secret to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is to create a healthy lifestyle made up of healthy habits.  A diet isn’t something you just do for a while, it’s an ongoing way of life but does not have to be restrictive or difficult.

Nutrisystems is a weight loss program that is all about portion control.  The meals are prepackaged and consist of a variety of different selections.  The meals can be sent to you automatically or purchased in a store.  The meals are low calorie and help in losing weight.  However, there is a downfall to the program; the prepackaged meals contain a lot of sodium.  In addition, many people do not find the prepackaged meals tasty.  Finally, many people gain their weight back because it is difficult to go from the prepackaged portions to regular food.

Slimfast is a diet of healthy shakes.  These premade shakes come in a few different flavors and although they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, they do not contain all the nutrients that regular food has, and mainly, lacks antioxidants.  Most people will drink a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and then a sensible meal for dinner.  The shakes do work, and people have lost weight, however, people have found that it is difficult to keep up the shake regime.  Many people resort to snacking, and even eating along with the shake which results in weight gain.

The Atkins  diet is a diet that is all about meat!  While it is generally good to eat your protein first, and, eat protein over carbohydrates.  However, many people have found that the Atkins diet worked well and delivered the results they wanted to see.  The down fall with this diet, once you achieve your goal weight and resume eating, you will gain the weight back. This diet fell into keto type diets and was very controversial due to high fat and cholesterol threats that we have been feed with for many years, but recent which studies shown very intresting pros of the Ketogenic diet – more on the subject in further articles.

The Weight Watchers program is another successful weight loss program.  Although the weight does not come off as fast as the above-mentioned diet programs, the weight does come off.  The Weight Watchers program is successful because it is a balanced diet.  With Weight Watchers, you eat the recommended daily requirements and avoid snacks.  With Weight Watchers, you keep track of you points, not calories.  Each food, or food item has a specific amount of points and men and women stay within their daily allotment of points to lose weight.  The biggest benefit of Weight Watchers is you are not restricted to their food.  Although Weight Watchers does have a line of food products that make it very helpful, you do not have to use their food.  Weight Watchers teachers you how to eat, and once you reach your goal weight, you have learned how to eat healthy and make the right food choices.

If you are going to jumpstart weight loss by using a plan, you have to remember that there are pros and cons to each plan.  If you are not learning to eat properly, once you are off the diet, you will most likely gain the weight, and more back.  In addition, you do not want to forgo nutrients and many of the processed prepackaged foods do not have all the vitamins and minerals needed.  The ideal way to lose weight is to eat real, unprocessed foods with a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.  This is known as clean eating and is easily maintainable throughout your life weight loss plans?  What has worked for you?

If you’d like help getting started on a clean eating, whole food diet, contact me. I will try to share as many helpful information as possible.


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