Mr Olympia 1998 Full Video LQ

Mr Olympia 1998 that took place in Madison Square Garden New York

Ronnie Coleman becomes Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates announces retirement, and Paul Dillett Collapses. What else can happen?

1$110,000 Ronnie Coleman1755532[1]
2$50,000 Flex Wheeler510101035
3$35,000 Nasser El Sonbaty1116171660
4$25,000 Kevin Levrone2321202084
5$20,000 Shawn Ray1822242589
6$14,000 Chris Cormier40303030130
7$13,000 Lee Priest303535100
8$12,000 Ernie Taylor534042135
9$11,000 Mike Matarazzo544852154
10$10,000 Jean Pierre Fux535153157
11 Miloš Šarčev615661178
12 Johnny Moya606262184
13 Darrem Charles696361193
14 Aaron Baker736756196
15 Günter Schlierkamp777369219
16 Ahmad Haidar848083247
17 Claude Groulx888282252
 Paul Dillett35

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