Thursday, October 24, 2019

10x Amateur Olympia 5-6th October 2019,

10x Amateur Olympia UK 2019 Pro Card Winners across both days.

Mr Olympia 2019 Results

Olympia 2019 Results: Men’s Divisions 1. Brandon Curry – $400,0002. William Bonac – $150,0003. Hadi Choopan – $100,0004. Dexter Jackson – $45,0005. Roelly...

2019 British Finals 2Bros Pro Qualifier, Results

Last weekend we had last round of the regional qualifier series followed by the first British Finals organised by the 2Bros Pro Events. The...
Terry Hollands Transformation

From WSM to Bodybuilder – Terry Hollands Transformation

Terry Hollands is one of the very well-known name as a Strongman since he became one in 2005. He won UK`s Strongest Man, Britain Strongest...

Wesley Vissers wins Chicago Pro Classic Physique

Wesley Vissers wins Chicago Pro Classic Physique Wesley who gained his Pro Card during 2 Bros Pro Event Royal Pro back in March this year.

BREAKING NEWS: Rich Piana was placed in a medically induced coma earlier this week

TMZ Sports reports that Piana was placed in a medically induced coma earlier this week after suffering an undisclosed “medical emergency.” Emergency was called to his home a potential drug overdose. Piana was...
King Kamali

King`s Kamali comeback!?

Shahriar "King" Kamali If you are the pro bodybuilding fan of the 00`s then sure you must know the name   He has been an IFBB Pro sience 2000`s after winning 1999...

Lee Priest Responds to Shawn Ray MUST WATCH HILARIOUS VIDEO!

If you`re a Lee Priest fun and like his no BS approach to things or just like bodybuilders talking funny things - this one is a must!
Dallas McCarver

Dallas McCarver to skip Mr. Olympia 2017

Dallas McCarver IFBB Pro Recently announced that he is skipping the Olympia this year - he has not qualified yet with only 12 points which place him at 4th...