King Kamali

King`s Kamali comeback!?

Shahriar "King" Kamali If you are the pro bodybuilding fan of the 00`s then sure you must know the name   He has been an IFBB Pro sience 2000`s after winning 1999 NPC Nationals which graded him a pro card. He was one of the huge guys under the Chad Nicholls who...
If you`re a Lee Priest fun and like his no BS approach to things or just like bodybuilders talking funny things - this one is a must!
There you go, you have a chance to ask the legendary Lee Priest a question what would you ask him?

Arnold is Numero Uno

If you haven't watch it do so it is one of most ever watched motivation video with Arnold.
Strongwoman, Elite Powerlifter, Coach Charity Witt was born in San Antonio TX.She first began her journey in athletics when she was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia at the young age of 17. From U.S. Master's competitive swimming to becoming active in the Powerlifitng community, Charity is now a competitive USPA powerlifter...

1984 Mr. Universe Video

IFBB Mr. Universe Iinteresting old school video of Mr. Universe contest dating back to 1984. 1984 IFBB Mr.UNIVERSE HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS FINAL 1. Mike Christian (USA) 2. Berry DeMey (Netherlands) 3. Olev Annus (Finland) 4. Christer Eriksson (Sweden) 5. Alfred Neugebauer (Austria) 6. Mark Hintz (Canada)

1984 Mr. Olympia Videos

Feast your eyes with routine videos from Mr. Olympia contest  which took place in Felt Forum in New York City. Lee Haney who finally won his first of all eight Mr.Olympia contests in 1984. Placing of the 1984 Mr.Olympia and prize money awarded which total was $100,000. 1 $50,000 Lee Haney 2 $20,000 Mohamed Makkawy 3 $10,000 Jusup... Kevin squatting 500lbs. kevinlevrone Like I’ve told each and everyone of you, never ever let another man tell you your done. Only you can make your dreams into reality baby. 500lbs it’s be 14 years and look closely how deep I’m slamming this weight. Remember where the mind goes the...