British Pro Card Winners


British Ifbb Pro League card winners in 2018


Jamie Christian-Johal

Marc Hector

Jamal Khalilulah (Changezi)

Kuba Cielen


Well all I can say really is dreams do come true I’ve had a fair few dreams and aspirations come to realisation last few years through persistency, determination & consistency. I feel privileged and blessed beyond measure, reaching a pro status was my lifetime dream I can’t explain how this feels and what it means to me. • I literally can’t find words to describe today at all, all I can say is I feel blessed and unbelievably lucky. I’m forever grateful to be able to share this day with my amazing girlfriend @megalyciasylvester and share the stage for the first time with my big bro @borian95 who has been with me every step of the way and accomplish a childhood dream, todays achievement is something we all aspire to be when we get into bodybuilding and that is turning IFBB pro. • Now it’s time to make necessary improvements to be worthy of holding the status of @ifbb_pro_league athlete I have a long way to get there. Huge thank you to my coach @trainedbyjp we have made some great progress in last 12 months and believe me we have SO much more to come, thank you to all my amazing friends that have put up with me all these years, all my clients for their unreal support and understanding and all members down at @ultra_flex_rotherham. Huge thank you to @colinwright_bodybuilder always believing I could do this since my very first show at 16. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the amazing people around me supporting me and giving me nothing but love even when I don’t deserve it. • Huge thank you to @ifbb_alicantepro for putting on an amazing show and giving me this opportunity. • Thank you I love you all, I will get back to everyone by tomorrow evening. Good night ❤️ Big day tomorrow for my lady @megalyciasylvester hopefully taking it home too in bikini class ❤️👸🏾

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Classic Physique:

Alireza Aghayi Behjani

Kelvin Hinde

Neil Currey


Men`s Physique:

Ricardo Paul

Sean Carroll

Steven Hinton

Emile Walker



Phoebe Hagan

Amy Leigh-Quine

Nikki Harvey

Zulmira Woodrow

Liz Richardson

Natasha Tovar



Rhea Gayle

Alison Amos

Lauren Carre

Stacey Boyce

Victoria Cale



Emma Hyndman

Barbara Kiss

Claire Aves

Natasha Jade Novak

Jayne Tingle

Katlin Jasztrab

Sophia Sammee

Meg Sylvester 

Bethany Lord


Women’s Physique:

Hayley Brylewski

Gemma Lancaster

Donna Murphy

Tamar Makar

Linda Gartside

Corinne Ingman

Work in Progress – copy/passed from internet

British Winners pre 2017 Ifbb Split

2009 – Zack Khan, SHW 1st and overall

2008 – James Llewellyn, MW and overall

2007 – James “Flex” Lewis, LHW and overall

2006 – Troy Brown, HW and overall

2005 – Paul Delahaye – HW and overall

2004 – Paul George, MW and overall

2004 – Huntington Glanville HW

2003 – Karl Tierney overall

2002 – Harold Marillier GP

2002 – Ricky Welling, HW and overall

2001 – Lee Powell LHW

2001 – Mark Harris MW and overall

2001 – Simon Cohen HW

2001 – Jason Carter LW

2000 – Michael King, MW and overall

1999 – Peter Brown, HW 1st and overall

1999 – John Hodgson, EFBB British Championships U80kg

1999 – Michael Sheridan LHW (I assume winners of their class all got pro cards this year?)

1999 – Jamo Nezaar, Amateur grand prix champion

1998 – Grant Thomas, LHW and overall

1997 – Eddie Abbew overall

1996 – Shaun Davis overall

1995 – Ernie Taylor, HW and overall (I think)

1993 – Amoury Francis, HW and overall

1990 – Gary Shelmerdine overall

1989 – J.D. Dawodu, IFBB British championships LHW

1989 – Ian Harrison, IFBB British championships HW and overall

1988 – Dorian Yates, HW 1st and overall


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