Reg Park’s 5×5 Old School Routine

This article is still a draft! Phase 1 1.45-degree back extension 3x10 2.Back squat 5x5 3.Bench press 5x5 4.Deadlift 5x5 Phase 2 1.45-degree back extension 3-4x10 2.Front squat 5x5 3.Back squat 5x5 4.Bench press...


Weight Gaining Tips for Hardgainers!

In this article I will provide you with 4 little known tips, that will force your body to gain weight, muscle mass to be...

Courtney King Ms.OLYMPIA Bikini Winner

Who doesn't  like to see some good motivation video with bikini ladies. This time we posting for you Olympia 2016 Bikini Fitness Champion Courtney King in...
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Biceps Exercises

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Basic Abs exercises

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King`s Kamali comeback!?

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Gym jargon for newbies